Jilli Ann Catingan

School Principal

IDEA Education has been in the industry for 9 years. In these years, we have catered a lot of students from different countries like Japan, Taiwan, China, and Thailand. We have provided them with the education that they have needed and more. We have also been the stepping stone of many students in their dreams to go abroad either to study or work.

IDEA Education has competent and excellent teachers who can provide our students with the best lessons they can have. These teachers are not only well-educated individuals but they are also very flexible with the needs of the students. They undergo constant training and take a quarterly proficiency tests to ensure the quality of education they provide the students.

Aside from the regular classes provided, IDEA Education also gives opportunities for our students to further improve their English skills through our optional classes and to relax their body and mind through the Wellness club. Students can also meet new friends and see the beautiful scenery Cebu can offer by joining the school activities provided on the weekends.

Come and join us to experience the fun in learning English.